Sunday, February 8, 2009


I finally finished the Happy Stacker! I don't even want to try and calculate how many hours it took! The pictures are a little dark, cause well, it is dark! I will try and take some more tomorrow when the sun comes up... I mean later this morning :) Well, I'm off to bed now!


jen said...

that's freaking awesome!!!! i want one! you are amazing!!!

amy said...

I could make you one, but I charge $10/hr plus materials, so you talking $125-$150 :)... or you could just order the pattern from Heather Bailey and make one your self. Probably a better deal financially and you might gain some new sewing skills, I know I did!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I bet you'll be pumping them out in an hour before long. Especially if you keep getting invited to baby showers.

Love your blog topper, btw!


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