Wednesday, February 25, 2009

who was I kidding?

Despite my best intentions I did not see much of the couch yesterday... except for the two hours I spend folding and ironing these

I guess calling in sick to motherhood is a bit unrealistic... My plans to veg on the couch (maybe even take a nap) sounded so good to me, but my kids had other plans... Instead we cleaned the house (at least 3 times), baked bread ...

and made this:
If only I could be this productive when I am feeling good! :)


Leslie said...

wow, you got a lot done! that bread looks beautiful, and it is such a pretty little house/

Alicia said...

So sorry your day did not go as planned but, that bread looks delish and the house made from a diaper box is just too cute!! Hope you are feeling better!


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