Thursday, July 2, 2009

box day!

There has been lots of running around today, cleaning the house for Bible study tonight and a week of company, a trip to the mall and a couple hours at the pool. I am so glad to have the house already clean so that I can spend the rest of my afternoon digging through our Sonlight order that came today!
Hard to imagine that we will actually read ALL of those books over the course of the next year! Looks like there are some super great reads in there and I am getting really excited to start french! The kids could care less about all this, they want to know when I am going to order something other than books :) Probably not any time soon, lol!


Melissa Stover said...

now that's fun!

Danielle said...

Oh how fun! I had ordered Core 1 back in February for my 7yo and 5 1/2 yo. I boxed it back up and ordered Core K instead... great start for us. I was previously using Ambleside Online... we are hooked on Sonlight now!! We just can't get enough. We can't wait to dig out Core 1 again.



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