Sunday, July 5, 2009

excitement in the suburbs

As I passed by the window I saw something unusual in the back yard. I stopped to get a closer look, and still unsure of what it was, I grabbed my camera and called to kids to come look out the window. When I got a little closer I realized it was a baby raccoon! It is so young it can't walk well and I don't even think it's eyes are open yet! Animal control is closed for the weekend, so I called the police and we are waiting for an officer to come "assess the situation" as they say. The kids all want to keep it as a pet!

Update: The officer that came to the house was very nice and caring with the raccoon. He took the little raccoon in an extra box we had and promised to clean him up and feed him. The kids were sad to see it go, but he is in better hands now.

1 comment:

Melissa Stover said...

well how neat! had a little raccoon when i was a kid. not that young though. it may need to be bottle fed.


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