Monday, October 11, 2010

a new diaper bag

I saw this tutorial the other day and loved the idea of a bag that is made to hook on the stroller. I decided to change it up a bit, but still used the messenger concept and the strap idea. I made my bag a little bigger and added pockets to the sides for bottles. I think if I make another I will add pockets to the inside too- maybe one long one to hold the changing pad and two smaller ones for toys and diaper cream etc.

Anyway, here is my version of the stroller bag
plenty of room inside for diapers, wipes, a blanket and snacks!
Well, enough procrastinating, must get back to Bazaar sewing!


Lenae said...

Oh, wow, that is awesome! I will definitely be adding this to my project list!

Courtney said...

so cute! i always love your fabric choice. i'd also like to see you post how long it takes you to do these projects. (like an hour?) :-)

Jess said...

That's fantastic! Love the fabric.


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