Saturday, October 2, 2010

rearranging... again

I know what your thinking... "didn't you just rearrange this room not that long ago?" And yes, I did, but the space just was not working for us with our new dining table and chairs. The computer chair and the table chairs were in a constant battle for the space, and although I loved my sewing machine near the window, it was really too tight of a fit for my chair with the new long computer table, plus there was no good place for our hanging file cart.

So, my (awesome) mom and I spent the week sorting, rearranging, filing etc. and here is the fruit of our labor. Here is the most recent "before" shots of the room...

and here it is "after"!

Here is a shot of the bench my dad made for us this week. We used these plans, only adapting it a bit to make it longer (66"). With all the rain this week he could not stain it, so that is a project I guess I will have to tackle in the next week or so. But we love the bench (thanks, dad!)

view from the other side of the room

One of my favorite parts of the redo?...

My sewing books out were I can see them instead of shoved in the cabinet!


Lenae said...

Looks great! Love the bench, and the cloth banners!

Big Momma said...

Could you come and help me with my house?


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