Thursday, February 3, 2011

fleeting moments

I was sweeping in the kitchen when I heard sweet, 1 year old squeals of delight coming from the other room. I quickly peeked my head into the dining room to find that the baby had discovered herself in the mirror and was beside her self with giggles and squeals. Who was this other baby who was close enough to touch, but she could not reach her? And she laughed and smiled right back! I quickly grabbed my camera and hid behind the table, trying to capture the moment.
I couldn't get close enough from behind the table, so I decided to climb under the table, quickly snapping another shot...

And then I was caught! Just like that she was under the table with that determined smile of hers, coming to see her mama. I love these days when they see you and run (or crawl) into your arms. So quickly these days pass and they are 9 and the only thing they are quick to do when they see you is roll their eyes, lol!

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