Monday, February 7, 2011

girls weekend

This weekend my mom and sisters and I had a small getaway to Williamsburg. It was fabulous! Such a fun weekend, and we are already planning next years trip (only next time it will be two nights instead of 1). Between the 4 sisters (me, my two sisters and my s-i-l) we have 17 kids, so getting away, even for one night, can be challenging, but so very worth all the effort!

We stayed in this cute little cottage half a block from Market Square.

That's me, early Sunday morning with bedhead and no makeup, sleeping in the top bunk.
This is the "master bedroom", and yes, that bed is as comfortable as it looks :)

This fabulous cafe was just around the corner and we ate lunch on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday here.

That had some pretty funny signs hanging in the cafe.

There was lots of eating...

and shopping...

and more eating...

sister bonding...

and more shopping. (I had to snap this picture when my mom and my sister came out of the dressing room at Talbot's wearing the same pants and shirt with out even realizing it, lol!

It was such a wonderful weekend. So nice to get away and see my sisters and mom. It was over too soon!

I came home happy and refreshed and was greeted at the car with hugs and squeals from all the children who quickly ushered me into the kitchen to see this:
(made from scratch by the kids)
Thanks, girls, for a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great time had by all!
I especially like the chocolate cake awaiting you upon your return. Maybe you should get away more often?!?

Jennifer said...

FUN! : )
I'd love to spend a weekend with all those amazing women!


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