Thursday, April 21, 2011

i heart rainbows

My granny square blanket is finished (well, almost, I still need to weave the ends in on the back, but from the top it looks done so for now I am going to pretend that it is done)!
100 squares, turned into 25 blocks, crocheted together in purple and my favorite part...
the ruffle-y, rainbow-y border!
It only took me 2 years and 3 months to complete. Not too bad considering I made another blanket during that time and could not crochet for almost a whole year b/c my tendinitis was so bad for Addie's first year of life. I also find solace in the fact that my mom started a blanket when she was in my stage of life (a house full of young children) and she just completed it a year or two ago, 40 some years after she started it. By her standards I am doing really good :)


Rachel Marie said...

it is GORGEOUS!! I would LOVE to make one of those- I just think granny squares are so charming and fun :) too bad I'm a TERRIBLE crocheter.

I'm Jess said...

That is gorgeous!


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