Wednesday, May 18, 2011

preschool picnic and more decluttering

Today was the end of year picnic at preschool.
The kids had a blast riding the ponies, jumping on the moon bounce, playing with bubble and eating pizza til their hearts (or stomachs) content. We were not sure the picnic was going to happen as there was a major storm that drenched us to the bone as we were arriving at preschool this morning. Luckily it passed quickly and the sun came out and dried up all the rain (and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again).

After lunch we came home and I went back to work on my decluttering/organizing of the house. Today I hit the boys room/laundry room/pantry. I have big plans for this room that include a nice big storage island that I will build out of Ikea book cases and a sheet of plywood. Pictures to come.

Between the book shelves I cleared off on Monday and the work I did in the boys room today, I had accumulated quite a pile of giveaway stuff (I don't do yard sales, too much work) so I loaded up the car and drove it to the CHKD Thrift store down the road. It feels so good to have just a little bit less stuff in the house. I can't wait to purge some more. I feel my life getting easier already :)

I am considering selling these, although I really hate to do it. We just don't have the room for them in this house and who knows if we ever will.
I have no idea how much to ask for the pair. They are one of a kind, designed and hand made my yours truly (and my dad), but they have been "loved" and are not without mark or ding. When they were in the girls room they were just mounted on to the wall at the head of the bed(s).
I am so loving that we have taken this month off school The weather has been beautiful and the kids have been practically living outside. Best homeschool decision I've made all year (along with joining Classical Conversations). Hope you are having a wonderful May too!

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Laurel said...

Wow!! YOu have been busy, and i know how good it feels to "purge"!
There's something so refreshing about getting rid of "stuff"!!
Sometimes it's hard if kids see you getting rid of something they "think" they want to keep( i keep my fingers crossed that George won';t suddenly ask about something he never used and i disposed of!!!!)


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