Wednesday, May 25, 2011

weekending...a little late :)

I realized today that I had about 100 photos on my camera that I had not loaded to the computer. Friday I watched my friends 5 kids for the day and was taking pictures and composing a post in my head, but somehow I never found the time to sit down and post, and next thing you know, It's Wednesday and I can't figure out where the last week has gone!

Anyway, some good friends of ours invited us to go out on their brother's boat (that they are keeping in their back yard), so we headed over to City Park on this gorgeous day. The boys went out first and almost immediately the motor cut out.

They got it working again, though and had a great time.

I love this picture of Regan and Tallulah. Regan is such a good big sister, watching out for her siblings and excitedly showing them all sorts of new things.

I don't know if you can tell, but those are snails in the grass there. Tallulah was pulling them off and trying to coax them out if their shells :)

Addie had a blast just wandering around in the grass, occasionally trying to escape down to the water.

Regan got the last ride of the day. It was so nice to set aside my to-do list and just relax with friends. Something we really should do more often!

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