Wednesday, May 4, 2011

random thoughts

I stopped drinking Coke.
I am on day 4 of a caffeine withdrawal headache, although, it is barely a roar today, nothing compared to the first day.
Without the Coke I am totally jonesing for sugar.
I've given up Coke before but don't ever remember my body craving sugar so badly.
For lunch today I had Steak ums, fruit salad and a slice of strawberry pie.
It was my second slice today.
I ate two slices last night.
I licked the whipped cream bowl after lunch.
I played with paper while the kids did their school today

The kids were fooling around in Sunday school, so we decided to have them write apology letters to there teacher.
You can see how excited they were to write these. I think it was a brilliant idea from my hubby though, and one we will use again, should there ever be a need :)

1 comment:

Dave said...

Good luck on the caffeine withdrawal. I got off of caffeine completely about a year ago. Stay strong! :) It does get easier over time and the headaches do subside. I'm really glad that I got off the stuff. I don't feel the highs and the lows like I used when I was drinking a cup of coffee every day. My first thought every morning used to be..."MUST GET COFFEE!". I actually didn't go off cold turkey but I gradually lessened my amount each week until I was off. Hi to Phil and the rest of your fam. Everyone is so grown up now!


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