Friday, May 6, 2011

still quilting and more random stuff

I'm about half way done with the quilting and then I just have to bind my quilt and I'll be done! Yay!

When I got Addie up from her nap today and brought her into the living room she immediately started motioning toward the couch and all the kids sitting and watching a movie, she wanted to sit with them too! Too cute!

We finished up another trimester of school today :) We will take a 4 week break and then jump back into math and writing for another 8 weeks then another 4 weeks off before we start the new school year. This is our first time schooling year round with 3, month long breaks. So far it seems to be working well for us, I will have to let you know for sure come September.

I recently read Organized Simplicity and am now reading Large Family Logistics. I am hoping to spend the next few weeks implementing some of the strategies from these books. I am generally not a very disciplined/scheduled person but I am seeing the necessity of some form of routine as a homeschooling family of 7.

We also have some fun stuff planned for the next few weeks like bowling, The annual preschool picnic (which includes pony rides and a moon bounce) and visiting with family.

Well, a certain one year old is crying in front the refrigerator trying desperately to get the door open to get some milk, so I better sign off!

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