Wednesday, September 7, 2011

life these days

I found this bathing suit on the clearance rack at Target the other day.  I thought it would fit her NEXT summer... oh well, she still looks pretty cute in it for now :)

Anyway, life has been... full these days.  Between birthdays, starting school and various other things, I am finding I need to pull back from some stuff and it seems that taking a bit of a blog break is a no brainer as far as what to cut out.  I will still try and pop in here and there... I have been busy making party plans and can't wait to share some of those pictures with you and we have some fun things planned in the next few weeks that I can't talk about yet.  I hope to be back here regularly in a week and a half to two weeks.   Thanks for your understanding!

1 comment:

Joanna B said...

We have that same swimsuit, and it got small on Mackenzie super fast, too!


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