Friday, September 23, 2011

moving on from the lemonade stand

Regan, my little entrepreneur, has been wanting make and sell something on Etsy for awhile now.  She sees me sewing and doing craft shows and wants to join in, but at 10, her sewing skills are not quite what they need to be to market her craft, so we went looking for something that she could make and sell and this is what we came up with...
I love these little Resin flowers and Regan had fun picking out all the colors she liked.
There are so many designs and colors to choose from, Regan started out with 3 different designs and figures if she does well, next order we will try some different flowers.

She has post earrings, a few dangling earring, child size hair pins and regular hair pins.

These roses were thrown in by the Etsy seller and we both really love them.  They will definitely be in the next order, as well as some Dahlias.
We are going to take these to our upcoming craft shows first and if there are any left I will post them in my Etsy shop.

*Sorry the pictures are not that great, it has been dark and gloomy here all week :(


Anonymous said...

Very nice Regan. I am sure everyone will love then. Love, Grammy

Courtney said...

they are very cute. look very professional :-) i hope that she makes a lot of sales . what is her price point?

Courtney said...

and you will have to note, that you don't even need to add the phrase "for a 10 year old" to the end of the looks very professional. i have a friend selling earrings on etsy and i think she competes with Regan! :-)


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