Thursday, April 25, 2013

playing school

This post is a bit over due.  Last Thursday, instead of coming home to write about our trip to Jamestown, I came home to a sick husband who ended up needing an emergency appendectomy :(  It was a rough weekend (for him) but he is doing much better now.  I am thankful that he followed his instincts and went to the ER before things got really bad!

My niece's 5th grade class had a two day field trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg last week and we got to join the class for part of the trip.  In our nearly 8 years of living here we have visited Williamsburg many times but for some reason have never gone to Jamestown, so when my sister called and said they were coming down for a class field trip and family was aloud to tag along we jumped on the opportunity.

My niece and sister on the beach in front of the glass house.  That is the Jamestown ferry in the background.

Building a new longhouse (they called them something different, but I can't remember what!)

Making rope, Powhatan style.

Learning to tie knots before boarding the Susan Constant.

The Susan Constant.

Bellow deck- we need to build these in our house so the kids can have some privacy :)

A bed in a Jamestown fort house.

Ready to fight :)

The James River

Glass blower at the Glass House.  He was making an ink well, like the one at the bottom of the picture.

An attempt at a group shot before we headed home for the day- this was the best of the bunch.
We loved having my sister and niece come stay with us for a night and getting to experience what a "real school" field trip is like.  Jamestown was fun even though it was very crowded (lots of school field trips going on) and the kids want to go back again when there are less people there and they can really explore.

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