Friday, April 5, 2013

spring break escape

We left the hubby home this week to paint floors (bellow) and await the delivery of my new fridge (yay!) while we headed north to MD.

We started the week with a family birthday party (for 5 of the 7 birthdays this month) at my sister's new house. 

It was so great to see (almost) the whole family and there was definitely way too much dessert eaten :)
After that, vacation got put on hold when two of the kids got hit with the stomach bug I though we had left behind in VA :(

Anywho, All were feeling better today and the sun was shining, so after a run to the fabric store and lunch at the mall we headed to the nature preserve around the corner from my parents.

Along with this barred owl, they had a couple vultures and a bald eagle.  We talked to the naturalist who cares for the birds and even got to see the eagle eat a pile of mice.

The kids had a blast climbing through the man-made caves inside the center.

And playing in the little house on the prairie-style house.

Regan put these shoes on Emmy, she loved them...

but someone else did not like her wearing them. "Take them off her!"

All six kids in one photo and no one crying?  A miracle!

Micah was pretending to be a sheep and Regan was brushing his wool :)
Hoping for another fun adventure tomorrow.  More pictures to come...I am sure you can't wait ;)

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