Tuesday, April 16, 2013

spring break part 2

Our second week (oh how I love the freedom of homeschooling) of spring break was jam packed with as much fun as we could fit in (we needed it after 3 plus weeks of the stomach bug!) We even got some summer-like weather. Wednesday it was hot enough to put on swim suits and play in the sprinkler. Some of our very best friends came over for the afternoon and as I sat on the porch watching I was almost tempted to put on my swimsuit and play too :)
I was surprised that Addie played in the hose with the big kids.  She can be kinda funny about that sorta thing, but not this time...
she's even asked to play in the hose again since then.
Have I talked about how much Regan LOVES gymnastics?  I think she spends more time walking on her hands than on her feet!

We Also had our CC year end celebration.  Each class presented some of the memory work from cycle one and the 21 Memory Masters (Our largest group of Memory Masters yet and Regan was one of them. Yay, Regan!) were presented with certificates and T-shirts.

This week it is back to the grind, but a much slower grind with CC done for the year.

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