Wednesday, October 15, 2008

art day!

Tuesday is our art day. The kids spent most of the morning working on their tapestries for our castle. I was not sure how they would do with this project, especially Max, but they did great and loved it. Regan and Micah even took theirs in the car to keep working on them when we had to run a quick errand! We used burlap, yarn and plastic needles. They each picked an image and I drew it on the burlap for them to "trace" with the yarn.

Regan stitched a castle, I will have to take pictures of the finished product to post.
Max did a sword

I could not get Micah to pose with his shield, so here it is with my crown that I did as an example piece.

Today I had planned for us to work more on our costumes, but got side tracked on a project from Max's Cubbie book, for Awana. It is supposed to be a timeline of his life. I put his in book format. He took it with him to Awana tonight and all the kids enjoyed looking at the pictures of Max, the teacher even gave him a special Cubbie sticker to put in it!

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