Friday, October 17, 2008

rainy day field trip

A friend had told me about a local Renaissance Faire that was happening this weekend. It was supposed to be small, but kid friendly, and since we have been studying Kings and Queens and Medieval times I figured it would be a perfect field trip for me and the kids. It turned out to be a bit of a bust. It was supposed to start at noon, but when we got there at 3pm, people were still setting up and the event that was scheduled for 3 was not happening. We did get to see a blacksmith working and Max and Lulu got wooden swords (I had made two already, but told them they would have to share because they were hard to cut out and I did not want to make more).
Here are a few pictures from the Faire... the kids in front of the castle
These were too high for the kids, so Regan jumped up and hung from the stocks

My budding photographer (Regan) took this one of me.

Tallulah making friends with one of the merchants children (who was dressed in period clothing, too cute!)

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