Monday, April 6, 2009

a few of my favorites

Our time here in Maryland has been flying by, jam-packed with visits with friends and family and all the excitement that goes with having 4 young children! I had hoped to be more faithful to posting about our trip, but time seems to escape me. Here are a few highlights from our trip to Elkton last week to see Phil's family... They are completely out of order, but for some reason the computer will not let me re-arrange them, oh well!

Friday night Regan and Micah went to see "Your A Good Man Charlie Brown" with Grandma and the sun finally decided to peak out, so the rest of us had a little fire in the garden before tucking Max and Lulu in for the night.

Me and the kids at Longwood Gardens

A little bit of Japan... They had a whole room of Bonsai Trees at Longwood.

I love this picture of Lulu playing in the fountains in the children's garden inside the conservatory.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

love the outdoor fireplace. it looks so cozy!

Anonymous said...

Very fun, Amy! We wanted to get up to Longwood before the end of March, when they had huge tree houses to explore, but never did make it. Are you standing inside one in your pic?


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