Thursday, April 23, 2009

little surprizes

After our trip to the farm on Tuesday we went to Moore Expressions (a used homeschool curriculum store) in VA Beach and Regan found this mini Samantha doll, for only $3! (She took this picture herself and wanted me to post about it).

Inevitably we left a few things behind at my parents house and my mom was kind enough to send them to us... imagine my surprise when I opened the box (expecting a sweatshirt, our Elmo harness and licorice laces) and found this!
I searched through my recipes and found one I though might work, orange poppy seed with a lemon glaze, as cute as can be and ready for bible study tonight!

Another little surprise was a tea kettle de-scaler that my mom called and ordered from a store in Maine! We have both looked everywhere for them locally to no avail, so she called the store where she got hers (while visiting Maine with a friend last year) and they were happy to ship her one! My mama is so good to me!


Alicia said...

What store did the tea cake pan come from? I would love to have something like that.

amy said...


It came from Macys, part of their Martha Stewart collection and I think it is new this spring.


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