Friday, April 24, 2009

growing up

Last fall Grandpa brought new (to us) bikes for the boys when they came to visit. Neither of the boys had bikes before and they were so excited! Micah's bike did not have training wheels and I tried (once) to buy a pair for him, but they did not work right, so we returned them and still have not gotten a better pair. With the weather warming up the kids have been itching to get out and ride, so over the weekend Phil and I spent a few minutes holding on to the back of Micah's bike, trying to get him going on his own, but Regan is the one who has taken the initiative and taught Micah how to ride his bike (without training wheels) all on her own! He still needs her to hold the bike while he gets started, but I am sure with a few more tries he will be going all on his own... either way, he is very proud and loves his new biking freedom :)
And Max has inherited the Razor Scooter, good times for all!

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Courtney said...

congrats, Micah! you are now ready for the NL! open invite still stands :-) (also new-to-you bikes are great.... Owen received one last Saturday and i heard him tell a kid at school, "Can you believe that my new bike is older than your bike?" The fact that it belonged to the neighbor seemed to make it cooler than if it had been a Spiderman bike!


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