Monday, May 25, 2009

happy memorial day!

The kids found a pile of t-shirts this morning that I bought awhile back to embroider or applique and wanted me to get to work right away! I was able to applique a puppy on Max's shirt before we headed out to a friends house for lunch. The template for the puppy came from Anna Maria Horner's blog. Micah's shirt is up next (if we can find it, somehow it disappeared while I was sewing Max's puppy).
Here are the girls in their matching outfits, all smiles and ready for church.
Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day!


Courtney said...

love the photos (and the outfits... so regan DID wear it again?!) ... but in that last one... looks like SOMEONE is NOT quite ready for church. :-)

amy said...

Oh no! I did not even realize that! Oops :) lol


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