Tuesday, May 19, 2009

strawberry season, oh how I love thee!

We picked nearly 8 quarts of strawberries today and made jam for the first time! How it turns out is still to be determined as it is cooling on the counter right now. I followed the recipe in the Certo pectin box for cooked jam and it was fairly simple. I did make quite a mess though, as I doubled the recipe and my pot was not quite big enough...oops!

Those of you who know anything about canning may recognize my "unsafe", inversion method of sealing the jars, but it worked for my mom for many years and I decided to "risk it" and do the same. I have a feeling most of it will be eaten up before that is even a concern anyway!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

i have been making jam for a few years now and use the same inversion method and have not made anyone sick yet!!! I can not wait to get out there and get some strawberries for myself


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