Friday, January 1, 2010

bringing in the new year with some "new" rooms

Here are some before and after- well not quite done "after" pictures of what's been happening in our house today... We still have some work to do- but I am amazed at how much we were able to accomplish thanks to the hard work of my husband and a couple of strong men who came to help move furniture (Thanks Rob and Scott!).

Before - Our Garage (not really accurate pictures- the book shelves, table and chalk board have all been in the dining room (our current classroom) for some time now and the TV and couch were out here- along with all the kids toys).

After - the boys have a new room! I plan to paint over the flowers and there may a few other changes- but for now this is it!

Before- the boys old room ( I could not find a more complete picture of their room before)- soon to be the babies room and then eventually the baby and Tallulah's room.

After-"ish"- we moved out all the boys furniture and taped the trim and went to Home Depot for paint! More to do tomorrow!
We also took down our Christmas Tree and put away all our Christmas decorations- Needless to say- it has been a FULL day and, even though I tried not to do too much, I am hurting, so we are tucking the kids into bed and I am headed for a soak in the tub!

Happy New Years to you all!

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Ailsa said...

What a wonderful day! Rooms all look so good (and colourful!)


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