Tuesday, January 5, 2010

coming along

Here is a little peak at our progress on the babies room. The painting is done and we moved a bed in for my mom to sleep on while she is here (the baby will start in our bedroom). We still need to get the crib out of the attic- it will go where the swing is, and eventually Tallulah will move in here too and the bed will be hers- but that won't be for awhile.

I still need to make curtains for the window and closet- I am thinking white eyelet- hoping to hit the fabric store this weekend and get them done before the baby comes.That blanket draped over the changing table was Phil's when he was a baby- his mom just brought it down when she visited last week- so fun to have pieces from our childhood for our children- my parents are bringing the cradle that my dad made when I was a baby when they come later this week!

Only two weeks left to go, some days I feel like I am going to go into labor any minute now and others I feel like I'll still be pregnant next month! Last night I was laying in bed just waiting for the contractions to start any minute because the baby seems to have dropped so low, but I woke up this morning still pregnant! Past experience says I still be around for awhile before we see any baby though.

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