Wednesday, July 6, 2011

beach robe

I bought Dana's Beach Robe pattern a week or so ago and finally sat down to sew one up today. I think it turned out really cute, although Tallulah says she won't wear it (have I mentioned she is about to turn 5 next week and has become more opinionated then ever!). I had a hard time just getting her to pose for this picture.

I made the largest size and it is plenty big enough for Lu. She is pretty petite and will be able to wear it for at least this year and next. I made my own bias tape out of the fabric I used to line the hood, so that added a good deal of time to the project. I started after lunch and finished around 5pm with few interruptions (that is, "few interruptions", for a mama of 5), so maybe 4 hours start to finish. give or take a few.
I really love this pattern and the idea of the beach robe and was excited to adapt the pattern and make them for all the kids, but I am pretty bummed that they do not seem as excited about them :( Maybe if I get some really cool towels and stitch them up they will change their minds... I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Rachel Marie said...

I LOVE it- so cute :)

Courtney said...

make one for a friend they all adore... secretly give it to said friend who will OBVIOUSLY love it. then they'll all be arguing for who wants theirs made first!! i made those skirts for Louisa's party and she really didn't like them, but as soon as her friends could.NOT.WAIT to put them on, she had her's on in NO time!


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