Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Adelaide's favorite hiding place :)

I gave Micah a mohawk the other day...

and an accidental bald spot, you can sorta see it on the right side of his head... Oops!
I'll probably shave it off before the weekend.

I've crossed off 4 things from my WIP list and am about to jump back in and do some more this afternoon. I'll post pictures soon.

Tallulah won our "2011 Clean Room Challenge", she kept her room clean for a whole month! The other kids did a great job too, but Lu was the champ, so she got a little something extra- a $10 Build a Bear Card (that I got 50% off awhile back and have been saving for a special occasion). So today we went to the Build a Bear Workshop and she picked out a new bear.
She refused to pose with her bear, Emily, so this is the best pic I got :)

1 comment:

randi said...

i love the pic of your little guy! he has a mischevious look in those eyes. adorable!


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