Friday, December 9, 2011

in the mail

look at what arrived on my doorstep today!
I absolutely LOVE Geninne's artwork and was super excited when I saw this puzzle.  Every year on Christmas, after all the presents have been opened and our bellies filled with Christmas treats, I pull out a puzzle and sit at the table working until it is done.  You see, I love puzzles (a love I inherited from my mother) but I find it hard to justify the time and space it takes to do them on a regular basis, so Christmas day is my puzzle day, and this year I will be piecing together these beautiful birds!

In other news, I picked out tile for our bathroom(s) and the floor guy came today to measure for the job.  Hoping that they can do the job soon so the kids can have their bathroom back... and I can have mine back :)  But really I am just thankful we have two bathrooms so that when one is out of order we still have one that works!

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