Tuesday, December 13, 2011

right now...

I am wondering when my 10 year old became such a fashion diva (don't you love her cute new outfit?  She's only been begging me for those jeggings for 3 months- they finally went on sale at target this week).

Wishing I could go crawl in bed instead of cleaning my house for bible study...I stayed up way too late last night crafting with some girlfriends, it was worth it though :)

 Excited to go wrap up all the goodies we got at Target today for a family who is struggling this Christmas.

Even more excited to drop them at their house, ring the doorbell, and run :)

Looking forward to gathering with friends tonight to sing carols, eat yummy treats and fellowship one last time in 2011.

1 comment:

Mary Prather said...

Your daughter is really cute!! I have a 10 year old, too, and it's all about the fashion right now in my house, as well. 10 is an interesting age... they want to be so big, yet they are still little kids at heart.


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