Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Regan said, "Mom, come here, we have to show you something bad!" Reluctantly I got up from the computer and came over to see what the problem was.  Regan stepped onto the bathroom floor and it made a gurgling sound and water bubbled up between the boards!  Not good.  I called my dad (he's a plumber) and then went down into the crawl space to inspect- sure enough it looked like the seal on our toilet was bad- probably had been for a while. 

So, last night at 9pm (after the kids were finally in bed and our company had left) we headed into the bathroom to see what the damage was.  We started with pulling up some of the floor...

It was like a swimming pool under there!

The floors were pergo, so they acted like a sponge for all that water.  What the  previous owner was thinking when they put pergo in the bathrooms I do not know.

We even found mold growing in the corner behind the toilet, yuck!

Under the the pergo there were two more layers of flooring that we ripped out too. You can see the remnants under the edge of the vanity.

And we took out the toilet.

We scrubbed the floor with bleach and put the fan in there to help dry out the sub floors.
Today I am heading to Lowes to pick out tile for the bathroom and we will pull out the vanity tonight.  We will also be replacing the vanity- you can see the water damage to the bottom of it on the second to last picture.  I was not expecting a bathroom makeover for Christmas this year!

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Joanna B said...

Bummer! Sometimes being a grownup is not easy!
Hope everything is ok


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