Thursday, January 19, 2012

today i am...

-Making a slow recovery from the stomach bug I thought I had avoided.
-Catching up on missed school.
-Washing a TON of laundry.
-Menu planning and grocery list making.
-Enjoying watching my oldest help her sister clean her room, especially when there's been so much animosity between them recently!
Doing a little stitching on my February design.
-Wishing you a fabulous Thursday!


amy said...

..from one amy to another, just wanted to say hello! What a lovely space you have here...beautiful creations...

I found you through Geninne's Art Blog and wanted to say hi since your comment was what I was thinking ..with regard to the I Spy Book ...ha!

Have a wonderful weekend : )

Pretty Things said...

Oh ugh, stomach bug. My entire family has the nasty gross head cold thing.


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