Monday, January 9, 2012

today, in bullet points.

We started school today.
I yelled a lot.
I really hate whining.
But we finished everything before lunch.
7 weeks is too long of a break from school.
I have two fully functioning bathrooms for the first time in nearly a month!
Have I mentioned how awesome my dad is?
He (and my mom) came down last week and finished all the plumbing.
He also built a platform for the zipline.
Now I am drafting a waver to be signed by all visiting children's parents before they can ride.
Just kidding, but I do have a firm "must have your parents permission to ride" policy.
The hubs has got the boys cleaning the kitchen after dinner every night.
I love it.
Even if it means I have to re-wash the pots and pans before I use them again :)
I hate having to clean up my messes.
Seems I've passed that on to my daughter.
Only she has exceeded me in her skill at moving from one unfinished project to another.
Speaking of unfinished projects, I've got a few I better attend to right now.
Happy Monday!

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