Thursday, August 23, 2012

a bit of sunshine for a rainy day

I've been saving up a little cash for a rainy day, and well, I think its been more like a rainy week (both literally and figuratively)!  So, yesterday after I dropped the 4 big kids off at VBS, we headed to the fabric store for some sewing therapy.   We came home with a pile of fabric bright enough to lift any one's spirits on a gloomy day!
And, I actually have plans for most of this fabric! 

Top to Bottom:
*More burp clothes for Emmaline with the umbrella flannel
*Ruffle pants for Lulu and Addie with the next three (see pattern bellow)
*The blue and green between the pink and red will be added to my stash of birdie fabric (you can't see them, but there are little birds on it) that I hope to someday put into a quilt
*Dresses from the red floral fabric (again- see pattern bellow)
*Back to school skirts with the striped and floral corduroy

*The Ta Dots at the bottom were a bit of an impulse buy- I actually ordered them last week and have not decided what I want to do with them yet- but they were just too happy and bright to pass up!

Now if only I could find a few moments to actually sew with all this beautiful fabric!

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