Wednesday, August 15, 2012

hospital photos?

The morning after Emmaline was born there was a knock on my hospital room door.  It was the hospital photographer- you know, the ones that come around with the mounted camera on the cart and who rap your newborn in the hospital blanket and take horrible squinty eyed pictures of your baby that somehow they think you are going to want for the baby's album... at least that is who I thought he was.  Turns out the guy was a real photographer with a big fancy camera and a cute little basket to lay the baby in, not to mention a set of poses that any mom would be hard pressed to resist buying (despite the fact that I am in a hospital gown and still have an IV sticking out of my hand!) Anyway, we ended up ordering the CD so we can have complete printing rights.  It came yesterday.  Here is baby Emmaline, just one day old :)

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