Tuesday, January 22, 2013

over the weekend (part 1)

I am playing catch up and spreading out the happenings of our weekend over 3 posts so I don't totally overwhelm you!  First up, the greatly dreaded anticipated room swap!  After more than a year of talking about where we were going to put baby Emmaline once she outgrew the cradle we finally came up with a plan last week and moved the girls to their new spaces on Friday.
Adelaide and Emmaline moved to Regan's old room (actually, Addie will get this room to herself for a little bit as I am just not ready to move Emmy out of our room).
Addie also moved to her big girl bed!

Regan Moved in with Tallulah.  This move has been especially hard for Regan, but I am proud (most of the time) with how well she is taking it.  I know it is hard for an 11year old, who's used to her own room, to suddenly have to share with her 6 year old sister.
In an effort to add at least a little bit of excitement to the move my mom and I took the girls shopping for new bedding.  They each picked out new sheets and comforters and got those fuzzy blue pillows you see bellow (on clearance at JC Penny).

I also found this desk on Craigslist that just happened to be a perfect fit for the small space at the end of Regan's bed!

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Ailsa said...

Your girls have such gorgeous rooms, I love them!


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