Thursday, August 14, 2008

a good laugh

The kids got to milk a cow at a dairy farm in Iowa.On the drive to Chicago the next day, Regan said from the back seat, "I wish I were a cow, so I could get my gutters squeezed!"

Her are my doodles of the landscape as we drove.


Anonymous said...

Love reading about your trip.

Amanda @ said...

Thanks for sharing! I've wanted to find a dairy farm where we could see actual milking, but boy, to participate, what a dream! We're in Colorado, which is remarkably agricultural...maybe I just need to look harder!
Enjoying your blog, thanks for the ideas!

Leslie said...

your "doodles" are great!!! milking a cow must have been a fun experience

Leslie said...

i read that again and had to laugh when i saw that your little one called the udders "gutters"...that is exactly what my Mitchie said when he got to milk a goat recently. Little kids are so funny


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