Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just a few more lazy days of summer

We are trying to make up for lost time. It seems the summer has almost passed us by and we have taken for granted the time off, the long days when it seems the sun will never go to sleep, the shade our tree's provide on a hot afternoon... The clock is ticking now, only two weeks until we start school, and I think I have finally hit my summer stride! Better late then never, I guess.

Last night, after dinner the whole family went for a "walk". Actually, most everyone rode something with wheels. Tallulah stated off on the John Deer, but did not make it around the corner before I went back for the stroller, much to her dismay I might add. Phil and I took turns riding his Razor scooter and pushing the stroller. We always enjoy our family walks, we should make a point to do it more often.
Look at this guys we found outside tonight! Pretty amazing, I have never seen one so big before, but as I sit here typing I can hear them singing in the trees outside.

Tallulah said excitedly "He cwawing on my weg!"

Tonight we held the official 2008 Wirtz Family Olympics in our back yard.
(We are working on an Olympic Lap Book, just to get our toes wet before real school starts. Check out this link for the free lap book)

One of our Silver medals.

The children provided the entertainment for the opening ceremonies.

Here the kids are doing the "Back Yard Dash"

Showing off their medals. Tallulah was upset that she did not get one. I think Micah ended up sharing one of his 5 silver medals with her. I guess we should have allowed some handicaps as the medals, except for one event, went according to age!


Anonymous said...

How FUN! I love the Olympic medals. They are stinking cute. As is Tallulah!

I hear you about not hitting your summer stride til now. I feel the same way. We're heading to the beach soon and then it's back to school. Well--there's always next summer, Lord willing.

Jennifer said...

Love the family olympics! And the family after dinner walks... we need to do that more. I'm so sad summer is coming to an end!!!

Happy Birthday Tallulah!


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