Tuesday, August 12, 2008

highlights from the road

All loaded up and ready to go!
Our first night in a hotel, Louisville, KY.
All the Wirtz cousins at Uncle Scott and Aunt Melanie's.
The grandkids, everyone except Karen.

Grandma and Tallulah

At the dairy farm in Iowa, the kids got to milk a cow and make butter(plus eat some yummy ice cream).

Visiting with an old friend in Chicago.
Jen and I were interns together with Teen Mania in 94-95
The next generation of Teen Maniacs (ha ha)
I couldn't believe how close this butterfly let me get to take this picture!


Anonymous said...

What fun. And what a beautiful photo of the butterfly.

jen said...

ew, i look all scrunchy and weird! (or is that just how i look all the time... if it is, don't tell me)

amy said...

Sorry, Jen, it was not the greatest picture of either of us, but I wanted to put you up there... I was hoping that one of yours turned out better and you would share it with me :)


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