Monday, August 18, 2008

making progress

I finally got my time line up on the wall, one more thing to cross off the list of things to do before we start school in two week!
Saturday evening our church co-sponsored a Back to School event with the townhouse community next to our church. We had food and school supplies to give out to anyone who came. We had a pretty good turn out and gave away all the school supplies that had been donated.
The kids had a great time running around, the weather has been unusually pleasant for August in Southern VA. (Tallulah has now taken to going down this slide all by herself, much to my chagrin...this is the slide that Micah broke his arm on last September).

By the time we got home Tallulah was sufficiently tuckered out!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the timeline!

Leslie said...

wow that is one amazing timeline. I love all the other stuff you have for school on the walls as well. Very inspiring! I wish i could put our stuff on the walls but we are getting ready to move and i am guessing that that will not work when we have potential buyers coming through. I am looking forward to our next place where i really can set up school.

Anonymous said...

Great timeline! It looks so good on the blue wall. I waited and waited for hubby to paint the hall, then finally put it up without new paint. THEN he decided to paint the hall. :o) I finally switched to the wall chart timeline. Yay Konos! It is one of the best history tools for the kids (and us!)
~ Linda in Phx.

Holly said...

Hi there-saw a link to your blog at Konos loop. Love your timeline. I just redid ours using colored electrical tape.
What adorable kids you have! Holly


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