Wednesday, December 17, 2008

can't think of a clever title...

We had our bible study over for a Christmas party last night and they just did not do their part to finish off these cookies! I still have a whole tin full!

I have been busy knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting, stringing beads etc. and am anxious to show you all the fun projects I have been working on but, unfortunately, I can't post any pictures (or even take any) until after Christmas because I don't want the kids to see what I am making! I am probably safe to write about some of it, since they are lazy readers (they mostly like to just look at the pictures on my blog), but to be safe I think I will refrain from even that.
I have not been getting too much sleep lately since I have been up late each night working on the kids presents and I have a whole other pile of projects for the day when the kids are awake! I have some templates for making miniature paper houses that I am excited to try, but I have to finish the presents I have to mail off first. I've got 4 done and only 9 more to go! Maybe I should stop rambling here and get busy :)

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