Sunday, December 28, 2008

more christmas pics

This is what I did while the kids played with their new toys. It was only a 500 piece puzzle, just right for me to do on my own while Lulu napped and the big kids played. (I only had to go to 9 stores to find a Christmas puzzle last week, yikes!)

Christmas morning.

checking out what Santa brought.

The castle was a gift for both Micah and Max from the grandparents, they have been playing with it non-stop since Christmas.

Lulu loves her new Bitty Baby from her grandparents. She named her Abby and with Regan's help as been taking good care of her feeding and changing her :)

Regan has been asking for an American Girl Doll for over a year now and she finally got one! Thanks Grandma's and Grandpa's! She loves her Kit doll!

The Puppets that Santa brought...
in action...

These cool blocks were a gift to the boys from the grandparents.

This was a total suprise! I was not expecting to get anything for Christmas and Phil suprised me with this! Makes the gift I got him (bath towels) look pretty lame! I can't wait to use it!!!


Heather said...

looks like you had a great christmas, is there a pattern for the art books? they are wonderful to take in the car etc. Let me know how you made them... are you taking orders?

Jen said...

You go, Phil! What a guy! I love the puppet show as well. I bet they have endless fun with that. Happy New Year!


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