Monday, December 15, 2008

cookies, and random thoughts on where our stuff comes from.

Regan and Max took these pictures of of us making cookies today for our Christmas party.

Phil and I had a nice evening out last Saturday. While we were in Starbucks I found a bird ornament that just had to come home with us. Phil picked it up and looked at the label... "Made in China". This started us on a whole conversation of "what ifs"

What if, for one year, we did not buy anything made in China? What would that look like? Would we consume much less? Would our everyday lives be majorly effected? Would we spend more money, or less?

Better yet, what if we only bought American made? I started looking at some of our everyday things that we use and was happy to find that my Arbonne products are made in the USA, but some other products are not. I think you could only take the experiment so far, say for example, if I were to buy something off of Etsy, I would buy an item made by someone in the USA, but it would be too difficult to make sure that all the products they used were US made.

Either way, it would not be an easy task! Fun to talk about, and even to make ourselves more aware of where our things come from, but the whole thing might be bigger than this family can handle.

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