Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We had a great time visiting family last weekend. We spent Thanksgiving day at my brothers house. My whole family was there, plus some longtime family friends. This is me and my sisters, the picture is a bit hazy because the light was behind us, but otherwise not too bad!

We spent the rest of the weekend in New Freedom, PA visiting Phil's sister. They moved there about a year ago to start a church and this was the first time we had made it up to see there new house and visit the church. Turns out that a girl I went to high school with, and have known since we were kids, actually helped to start the church, and my friend Amy's cousin and her family also attend the church! Small world!

Uncle Tim reading the kids a bedtime story

Saturday the rest of Phil's family drove out to PA to hang out for the day. After gorging ourselves on all the food that everyone had made we all went for a walk to the New Freedom Railroad Station Museum. There were lots of shoulder rides going on...

This was the highlight of the walk, climbing the signal towers. I think this was as high as Max got.

Micah is on the closest tower and Simon is on the other.

Even Lulu got in on the action :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great holiday. I love that photo of you and your sisters. What sweet memories you must have.

I love those pirate cupcakes, too. You're just too creative!

Big Momma said...

Hey Amy I love your blog! You've inspired me to spend some more craft time.- Kendra


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