Friday, March 13, 2009


I put the finishing touches on the kimonos this morning.

The boys were supposed to have hats called Kammuri's and this was the best we could do without having to go out and buy something. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but these little head pieces we made look more like black hair with a bun and were worth a few laughs to be sure!

The outfits are complete with homemade Tabi socks and Zori sandals (aka: $2 Walmart flip flops)


Courtney said...

well done! love the pics. thanks for sharing. maybe if you move onto sumo costumes, their hats can be wigs and the bun/ponytail will be perfect :-)

Elizabeth said...

Wow Amy! I am so impressed with your kimonos! We're in Vol 1 co-op too. We just started Japan today and had a blast making flags, maps and wonton soup.
I was going to just pull something together for kimonos but you inspire me! I can sew moderately well, would you mind telling me how you made these and was it complicated and time consuming? I would love any advice or help you have time to give! I know you are a busy mama!
I'm only making the girl's kimono as I have 3 girls.
Also, loved all your tabernacle photos...thanks for sharing.
God bless!
My email is:
if you have time :) if not don't worry!

Cynthia said...

Amy, what a wonderful job on the kimonos. Sewing is not one of my talents, so we focus on food. I look forward to following you all through Japan.


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