Thursday, August 27, 2009

first time

Tallulah had her first dentist appointment today! She did so well, I could hardly believe it! What a big girl she is :) The hygienist snapped this photo with her Polaroid and the kids loved watching the image appear like magic! When Regan handed it to me I was taken aback for a minute- it was like looking at a picture of myself from 30 years ago! Something about seeing her on that familiar Polaroid film seemed to make our similarities so much more evident. Wondering if my family will say the same thing :)


Toni said...

to cute, she looks so relaxed.

Our neighbor took a photo of the kids with our new puppy with his polaroid the other day. I laughed a bit cause you dont see them much, but watching the photo come up is fun.

Sherri said...

I've always said she looks like you but you can still see the Wirtz in her too!

Nan said...

Oh man, that is exactly what you looked like as a kid....and I would know...I was your first and 2nd grade teacher! She looks SO much like you! :)


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