Saturday, August 15, 2009

fun in the sun?

Well, even though our day at the beached ended up being a rainy one, a good time was still had by all. Here are a few highlights from the day....

The rain paused just as we got to beach, long enough for us to spend a couple hours splashing in the waves before heading off to lunch at our new favorite Pizza joint, Dough Boy's California Pizza (if your local, you've gotta check it out next time your at the beach! It's on Atlantic between 24th and 25th, I think.)
They are getting pretty daring out their!
Even Lulu got in on the wave action this time!
My surfer boy
Okay, so ever since the first time I saw these "bikes" 4 years ago, I have been wanting to rent one. After totally pigging out on Pizza we decided we could use a bit of exercise before heading home for the day, so we rented two and took a ride down the boardwalk. It is quite a work out pedaling a family of 6 on one of these, but definitely lots of fun!
In case you ever decide to rent one of these yourselves, I do not recommend wearing an above the knee skirt! I am not sure how many people I flashed when ever their was a wind gust!
We lucked out with the sleeping car on the way home. We had not even gotten back to the highway before all 3 kids in our car were asleep! It's been raining all week here and somehow we managed to time it perfectly so that we hit downtown Norfolk and the tunnels at the peak of rush hour traffic and in the midst of flash flood warnings :( It took us 2.5 hrs to make the trip that usually takes 35 minutes! Fortunately the kids slept for 2 of those 2.5hrs, Phil's sister and B-I-L were not so lucky in their vehicle.
The day ended with cake, ice cream and a visit from Spider-man! There he is on our roof!
We were sad to see the cousins leave today, but so glad they made the trek down to visit us!

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