Tuesday, August 4, 2009

keeping a promise

Regan brought this doll home from her friends house yesterday promising that she would make a dress for the doll. You see, this poor girl had absolutely nothing to wear and Regan felt sorry for her, so naturally, being the giving person that she is, she volunteered to help! Of course we all know that really meant she volunteered me to make some clothes for this poor naked doll! So, this morning we set out together (I let Regan do as much as she could/wanted herself) to make an outfit for the doll. Regan picked the fabric and told me what style she wanted and this is what we came up with- now hopefully this exhibitionist won't lose these clothes too!


katy said...

i love your granny square border! very cute!

Sandy Toes said...

The doll looks like her hair has been loved, combed, washed and then combed again!

At least she has hair... i use to cut my dolls hair!
sandy toe


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