Saturday, August 8, 2009

progress and an unexpected pause

I have been making good progress on my latest crochet project, just hooking right along when ever a I have few minutes to spare. I am enjoying the process of designing as I go and am excited to see the final product. There is only one problem...

I ran out of yarn just 6 inches from the end of my last row (before switching colors) of hot pink!
I've got all the other colors, except more hot pink, so now I am stuck waiting for my yarn order to come! The good news is, I made a list last night and came up with nearly 15 projects that are currently sitting unfinished, so there is no lack of crafting to do around here! Made a new commitment: no new project until I finish the ones I've already started/bought materials for! I think I've made this promise before, unsuccessfully, let's hope this time will be different!

1 comment:

Toni said...

so pretty I have a blanket that same color, my nana made years ago. I am just learning to crochet can make a really nice chain ow to make a few rows and I will be okay:-)

Great blog nice to find you:-)


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